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You know those fancy, air-filled, arch-cushioned, expensive-as-hell sneakers that you buy to enhance your performance? Well, what if we told you they were most likely not only decreasing your performance, but increasing your likelihood of injury? You would probably call us crazy, but people thought Galileo was crazy once too.  Are we comparing ourselves to Galileo? No, great guy though.  What we are saying is that we are proponents of an idea which is growing in popularity and for some very good reasons.  Barefoot training has recently become popularized as a potential benefit in injury rehabilitation programs. It is also purported to serve as an additional means of injury prevention and to enhance athletic performance.  However, limited clinical research is currently available to justify this practice and even less information is available describing how one may go about safely implementing a barefoot training program.  This book explores the scientific and theoretical benefits concerning the merits of barefoot training and offers real life solutions and alternatives to all the things separating you and your feet from mother earth, including examples of specific programs and training progressions.  By the time you are through with this book, you will be part of the movement and your feet will be on their way to a happier, healthier version of their formerly miserable selves.

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Everything Basketball was created in 2010 under The Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group and is overseen by an Advisory Board comprised of strength training and wellness experts from across North America including athletic trainers, strength coaches, physical therapists along with other basketball experts. 

Our goal is to enable basketball coaches, sports medicine professionals, and athletic training specialists better understand this unique training group and deliver the very best health, well being, and athletic performance modalities to this population by providing them access to recognized and innovative leaders in the field.  This includes educational initiatives consisting of nationally recognized sports medicine and sports specific training conferences along with online resources via blog articles, interactive forums and videos.  Everything Basketball aims to become the sole resource for everything basketball.

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