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George mumfordGEORGE MUMFORD

Sports Psychologist, 6-time NBA Champion


George T. Mumford is a Sports Psychology Consultant, Personal and Organizational Development Consultant, Executive Coach and an Insight Meditation Teacher. As a Sports Psychology Consultant, he has worked with the Los Angeles Lakers (1999-2003) and the Chicago Bulls (1993-1998), as part of Phil Jackson’s support staff. During that time, Jackson’s teams won six NBA World Championships: the Chicago Bulls won three (1996-98) and the Los Angeles Lakers won three (2000-2002).

George is currently working with Boston College Men’s Basketball; Vanderbilt Men’s Basketball; and Northeastern University Women’s Field Hockey Teams. He consults with other athletic departments and other organizations and private clients. Some of his clients include Olympic Athletes, Athletic Organizations, Coaches, Senior Athletic Administrators, and Athletes competing in a variety of sports (Soccer, Volley Ball, Football, Baseball, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Golf, Figure Skating, Fencing, and Softball). He also works as an Executive Coach with clients including corporate executives, medical doctors, and individuals. While working at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester Massachusetts, Department of Preventive and Behavioral Medicine, Stress Reduction Clinic, He developed and implemented Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Programs for an Inner-city “Satellite” Clinic and several Massachusetts Correctional Institution Facilities.

George is a nationally recognized public speaker and has presented over the year at numerous conferences and events such as the UC Davis Health System Alternative and Integrative Medicine for Pain Management Conference, Wharton School of Business's The Wharton Leadership Venture on Self-Awareness program titled “Leading from Within”, and the “Healing through Great Difficulty: a meeting between His Holiness the Dalai Lama former Prisoners and Meditation Teachers”, held in New York City.

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everything basketballADAM NAYLOR

Boston University


Dr. Adam Naylor is the Director of the Boston University Athletic Enhancement Center and leads Telos Sport Psychology Coaching.  He has experience educating Olympians, major and minor league professionals, competitors in major collegiate conferences (Hockey East, ACC, Big West, Big Ten, Ivy, WCC), and elite juniors towards their goals. 

Beyond this, he has served as consultant to various coaches and athletic organizations.  He has published in various academic journals and sport science resources and sits on the sport science and player development committees of a variety of sports organizations. He is currently the Column Editor on Sport Psychology and Counseling for Athletic Therapy Today.  His mental training publications for athletes and coaches are available at

Dr. Naylor obtained his doctoral and master degrees in counseling psychology and developmental studies (specializing in sport psychology) at Boston University. He earned his bachelors degree in psychology, minoring in human movement studies, from Trinity College (CT). He is an Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Certified Consultant.
Contact him at, Follow him on Twitter @ahnaylor.


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