Keynote Speakers - 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Stuart McGill

Stu McGill


University of Waterloo

Topic: Why Everyone Needs Core Training: Implications For Performance & Injury Prevention

Workshop: Hands-on Demonstrations. This small workshop will have a limited number of seats and will take place in the afternoon of the 18th.  Additional registration is required.

Stuart McGill is a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo. He has been the author of over 200 scientific publications that address the issues of low back function, injury mechanisms, development of evidence-based rehabilitation and performance exercise, diagnosis, and the formulation of injury avoidance strategies. As a consultant, he has provided low back expertise to various government agencies, many corporations, elite athletes and teams from many countries, and legal firms. Working at the interface between basic foundational science and clinical practice, he is one of the few scientists who is regularly asked for consult by the medical community regarding particularly difficult back cases, and by world-class athletes from around the world.


Marco Cardinale

Marco Cardinale





British Olympic Sport Association

Topic: Strength and Conditioning in the Real World: From Science to Application

Workshop Topic: Monitoring Training Progress: Developing New Concepts

Dr. Marco Cardinale led the Sports Science activities for the preparation of Team GB at the Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010 and at the London 2012 Olympic Games. A widely published and cited author in the scientific literature on various aspects of human performance, he has also patented an innovative exercise device consisting of a vibratory biofeedback system. Dr. Cardinale holds two honorary academic appointments one at University College London in the division of surgical and interventional medicine and one at the University of Aberdeen in the School of Medical Sciences. He has been an advisor to various companies (e.g. Polar Electro, Medisport and Technogym), government agencies (e.g. the European Space Agency) and professional sport organizations and national governing bodies in 5 countries (USA, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK).  Dr. Cardinale is currently a member of the advisory board of Nike (SPARQ) and a member of the scientific commission of the Italian Track and Field Federation. Dr. Cardinale holds a B.Sc. from ISEF in Italy, a M.Sc. from the US Sports Academy in the USA and a PhD from Semmelweis University in Hungary.

Dr Cardinale holds a B.Sc. from ISEF in Italy, an M.Sc. from the US Sports Academy in the USA and a PhD from Semmelweis University in Hungary.

Professional affiliations:

Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, University College London, London (UK)

School of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland (UK)

Nike USA Inc., SPARQ Advisory Board (USA)

Federazione Italiana Atletica Leggera, Scientific Commission (Italy)


Fergus Connolly


BSMPG Summer Seminar


Elite Performance Director 

Topic: The Art of Applied Sports Science for Competitive Advantage - 7 Principles

Workshop: Technology Management and Integration - A Model for Elite Team Sports









Fergus Connolly is regarded as one of the leading performance experts in elite team sport. His experience spans some of the most successful teams in NFL, NBA, Premiership Football, International Rugby, Professional Boxing and Special Operations. These experiences have refined pioneering protocols for the integrated optimisation (IO) of performance in Team Sport and Elite Athletes. Specialised knowledge working with some of the most successful coaches, academics and practitioners and research in computer optimisation and management, he is an original researcher in the development and application of unique effective monitoring, coaching, training recovery and regeneration approaches to winning in team sport.


Adriaan Louw


BSMPG Summer Seminar


ADRIAAN LOUW, PT, PhD (c), M.App.Sc (physio), GCRM, CSMT

International Spine and Pain Institute

Topic: A Neuroscience Approach to Low Back Pain in Athletes

Course Description: Click HERE

Adriaan Louw attended the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa, where he graduated in 1992 from an extensive physiotherapy program, including a very stringent manual therapy based training. Adriaan is an adjunct faculty member at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, where he teaches spinal manipulative therapy. Adriaan maintains clinical practice and is a co-owner, part-time clinician and spine specialist at The Ortho Spine and Pain Clinic in Story City, Iowa. Adriaan has been teaching postgraduate spinal manual therapy and pain science classes throughout the US and internationally since 1996. Adriaan completed his Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology from the University of South Australia, followed by his Masters degree in research into spinal surgery rehabilitation at his alma mater, Stellenbosch University. Adriaan is a Certified Spinal Manual Therapist through International Spine and Pain Institute. Adriaan is in the final stages of his PhD, focusing on therapeutic neuroscience education and spinal disorders. Adriaan has presented at numerous national and international manual therapy, pain science and medical conferences and has authored and co-authored numerous articles and book chapters related to spinal disorders and pain science.


Opening Remarks and Challenge from:

Marvin Chun



Yale University 





Dr. Marvin Chun is Professor of Psychology and Neurobiology at Yale University, where he also serves as the John B. Madden Master of Berkeley College.  His laboratory employs functional brain imaging to study visual attention, memory, decision-making, perception, and performance. His research has been honored with early career awards from the US National Academy of Sciences and the American Psychological Association.   In Yale College his teaching has been recognized with the Lex Hixon Prize and the Phi Beta Kappa DeVane Medal. He previously served on the Board of Directors of the Vision Sciences Society and is now a scientific advisor for Nike SPARQ.