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Mood Questionnaire - Tracking Fatigue in the Collegiate Basketball Athlete

Posted by Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group on Sep 4, 2010 5:22:00 PM

by Art Horne

Recently, many strength coaches have been concerned about preventing CNS fatigue and thus overtraining.  But how many are tracking their athletes over the course of a year or season?  Below is Mood Questionnaire and Dot test portion we utilize over the competitive season. 

It costs nothing, is easy to administer and provides both the strength coach and athletic trainer specific discussion points on how they may help each particular athlete.  For example, two athletes may score the same (total of all questions) but one may be suffering from the flu while the other suffering from a lack of sleep, and thus require two totally different intervention strategies.

We look for scores to remain high in both the mood quesitionnaire, dot testing along with other test measures including VJ, and grip strength.

For additional information on Overtraining and Recovery, Dr. Bill Sands discusses his experience HERE.


Bounciness (1- 10)          
(10 most bounce, 1 no bounce)          
Soreness (1-10)          
(10 not sore, 1 extermely sore)          
Focus (1-10)          
(10 very focused, 1 mind is wandering)          
(10 very sharp, 1 flat)          
Joy of Competition & Training          
(10 can't get enough, 1 want to quit)          
(10 crushing, 1 very weak)          
Sleep Quality           
(10 best night ever, 1 didn't sleep at all)          
(10 feel great, 1 flu like sickness)          
(10 = ate 21 meals past 7 days,       
1 = do not feel like eating)          

Dot Test

On the bottom of this sheet please tap as many dots as possible with the provided marker in 10 seconds. 

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