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Brian McCormick To Kenya - Basketball Breaking Down Borders

Posted by Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group on Oct 14, 2010 8:36:00 PM

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Since I published Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development in 2006, many coaches have contacted me. One of the first was Harrison Kaudia from ALSA Basketball in Kenya. Around 2007, I sent Harrison some copies of Cross Over for him to use with his aspiring coaches and players, and we have communicated ever since. Later, I heard from Isaac Kwapong of Dynasty Basketball in Accra, Ghana. Isaac uses the online strength training program that I created at with all of his players, and he uses the curriculum from my Playmakers Basketball Development League during his summer camp. 

Recently, I put them in touch via email and joined Dynasty's Advisory Board. My plan was to save money to visit the two programs next summer, as both run summer camps and would like me to assist. Also, Harrison asked me about the feasibility of me drafting a curriculum for basketball course for an informal setting in communities and a formal setting in a college. Without having been there, it is difficult to write a curriculum, so a visit to see his programs would enable me to complete such a program for him.

Recently, I saw a contest through British Airways to win a free flight anywhere that BA flies, and I entered. If I win, the ticket will cover my fare to Kenya and I'll find a way from there to Ghana. Isaac and Harrison are passionate and enthusiastic about basketball and helping children and young adults, and I want to offer them whatever help that I can. While I continue to support via email and e-books, a visit to work with coaches and players will enable me to help them in a far more personal way, and they, in turn, will help hundreds or thousands in their communities.

To help me get to Kenya, follow this link and vote.