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Two Must Read Articles For All Those That Work With Injured Athletes

Posted by Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group on Feb 4, 2012 10:10:00 AM

Social Interactions May Influence Inflammation
Research has consistently demonstrated that psychosocial factors can influence inflammation in the body (e.g., stressful events may increase inflammation). Unfortunately, it’s still unclear what kind of events may be related to inflammation; especially when we consider multiple exposures. Therefore, Chiang et al evaluated if daily social interactions among 122 healthy young adults to determine if these interactions relate to systematic concentrations of proinflammatory mediators (measured via oral collection) at rest and after acute stress.
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Effects of Limb Immobilization On The Brain
In sports medicine a large variety of injuries require a period of immobilization that reduce or eliminate external load to protect healing structures.  However, there are several consequences resulting from longer periods of immobilization including increased joint stiffness, muscle atrophy, and decreased motor control or coordination.  These consequences may limit the amount of time a joint is immobilized and they also dictate our goals in rehabilitation after immobilization.  However, one area of the body that has not been well examined for adaptations due to joint immobilization is the brain.
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