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Championship Mindset by Alan Stein

Posted by Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group on Mar 20, 2012 7:13:00 AM

by Alan Stein


“I always visualized my success. The process of seeing success before it happened put me in a positive frame of mind and prepared me to play the game.”

-        Michael Jordan

“Being in the zone means a higher state of concentration. When you let your mind wander, you make mistakes.  When you start thinking about bad things that have happened, or good things that could happen, your focus isn’t where it should be – on this play, right here, right now.”

-        Joe Montana

Here is some wisdom from my friend and colleague, Graham Betchart (performance coach who specializes in mental skills training). For more on Graham, check out


Mindset of a Champion:

  • Believe in yourselflove your talent
  • Challenge limiting beliefsunlock your true potential
  • Motivate yourself from withinset personal goals
  • Think like a championconsistent mind equals consistent performance
  • Visualize successsee it, feel it, believe it, be it
  • Mentally prepare for competitioncreate a consistent pre-game routine
  • Approach each game the sameconsistency leads to success
  • Welcome pressureembrace all challenges and obstacles as opportunities
  • Play to play greatnot to avoid mistakes
  • Focus on the moment at handstay ‘present’ when you compete
  • Trust your abilitiesplay without worry
  • Competeevery moment and every play
  • Control what you canlet everything else go
  • Keep it simplefocus on the next play
  • Attitude, effort, and focus are in your controldiscipline yourself
  • Learn from losswisdom often lies in defeat
  • Write your own storyhow do you want to be remembered
  • Commit to the mental gamework on your mental skills every day
  • Love hard worklearn to be comfortable being uncomfortable

Commit yourself to living these ‘sound bytes’ and you will take a huge step forward in maximizing your potential on the court.



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