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A Sneak Peek Into Mark Toomey and Dr. John DiMuro's Presentation

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Mark Toomey

Dr. John DiMuro and Mark Toomey

Every once in a while you'll meet an individual that completely changes the way you look at the world - that person for me was Mark Toomey.  A self proclaimed "knuckle-dragger," Toomey is one of the few people that truly understands the importance and integration of health, strength, and function.

Click HERE to view Toomey's/DiMuro's presentation outline for their June 3rd presentation.

See Mark Toomey, Dr. DiMuro and other national experts in the fields of Sports Medicine, Hockey and Basketball along with keynote speakers which include Tom Myers, Shirley Sahrmann, Clare Frank, Charlie Weingroff and Pete Viteritti at this weeks BSMPG summer conference, "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants" - June 3rd and 4th.