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2012 BSMPG Seminar Speaker, Jose Fernandez talks advanced player monitoring

Posted by Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 @ 07:04 AM


Following the first post about Functional Assessment in Basketball “The Squat Test”, I´d now like to continue explaining another assessment that we do with the basketball players I coach: Tensiomyography (TMG)

I will try an explain 1)what is TMG?, 2) how is the test?, 3) what information does TMG provide?4)what can be assessed with TMG? 5)when do I use TMG during the season


1- What is TMG?

TMG is a technology that entitle S&C coaches  to study the muscle contraction mechanism analysing two parameters, contraction time and muscle stiffness, in a non invasive way. It is simple, reliable and quick. The information is obtained inmediately after the test.


BSMPG Seminar


2- How is the test?

The player rests on the couch. Two electrodes are placed on the proximal and distal part of the muscle. A sensor is then placed on the muscle belly. The muscle is then electrostimulated. The sensor captures the information about contraction time and muscle stiffness and send it to the software where the data is processed and displayed on the screen showing graphs and numerical parameters.


TMG pic


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