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Dr. Philip Skiba Joins Catapult Performance Directors Meeting - May 18

Posted by Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group on Wed, Apr 9, 2014 @ 07:04 AM

BSMPG is proud to announce Dr. Philip Skiba as a speaker at the 2014 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting - May 18th (following our annual summer seminar, 16-17th).

Dr. Philip Skiba is the Program Director for Sports Medicine at Lutheran General Hospital, in Chicagoland. He also serves as acting Program Director for Sport and Exercise Medicine at The University of Exeter, UK. His research studies focus on the determinants of athletic performance in both power / speed and endurance sports. His work has been used by athletes in amateur and elite sport on a regular basis, including the 2012 London Olympic Games. He is the CEO of PhysFarm Training Systems LLC, and has coached a number of world-class athletes, most notably U.S. Olympian, Half-Ironman World Champion and World Record Holder Joanna Zeiger, and 4-Time World Champion Catriona Morrison of Scotland.

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Topic: The Rhythm of the Game: Optimizing Athlete Recovery During Play

Lecture Description: Team sports such as basketball or hockey present a unique challenge to the athlete’s physiology. For example, a series of abrupt changes in pace can rapidly fatigue players and leave them unable to match a sudden push by the opposing team. Dr. Skiba will discuss his recent research publications, which describe new ways of profiling and understanding athlete performance. These tools permit coaching and management staff to better optimize team dynamics and strategy.


Watch Dr. Skiba at the 2014 MIT Sloan Analytics Conference by clicking HERE. 


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