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Charlie Weingroff is BACK - DVD on sale until end of May

Posted by Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group on Sun, May 25, 2014 @ 07:05 AM


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Charlie Weingroff's new DVD Training = Rehab 2:  Lateralizations and Regressions is on sale now, and at a special price through the end of the month.  

Lateralizations and Regressions is a 7 Disc 13+ Hour DVD set that brings updated content as well as fresh views from Charlie, including training methodologies that incorporate the 4 pillars of Human Performance:  1) Movement, 2) Output, 3) Readiness and 4) the Sensory Systems.
Other topics include:
  • The 3 Perspectives of Movement (Biomechanical, Neuromuscular, and Neurodevelopmental)
  • Updated views on the Joint By Joint Approach based on each Perspective
  • Review of methodology claims and personal methodology
  • Mobility Lab
  • Hands-On and Neurodevelopmental Progressions of Breathing, Rolling, Crawling, Hinging, and Upper Body Diagonal Patterns



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