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The Top Sports Franchises In The World Rely On Him

Posted by Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group on Wed, Nov 14, 2012 @ 07:11 AM

Fergus Connolly


“…my training and experience as a teacher has been invaluable in dealing with players one-on-one, because understanding learning styles and teaching methods is fundamental to developing trust and educating players. After all, it doesn’t matter what I know, what I’ve done or what I can do – what really matters is what my clients, teams or players understand, absorb or learn and then execute. What I can translate to them is central.” 

- Fergus Connolly, 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar Keynote Speaker


Dr Fergus Connolly has extensive experience as a Performance Consultant to Coaches, Performance Directors and Sports Scientists in elite team sports from Premiership football and International Rugby, to NFL and NBA, and from Professional Boxing to even Special Forces worldwide. A PhD in Computer Optimisation, combined with specialised knowledge acquired from apprenticeships working with some of the most successful coaches, academics and practitioners, he is an original thinker in the development of unique effective monitoring, training and regeneration approaches to improving results in team sport.

Fergus opens up the discussion by clarifying that his role is a Performance Scientist. He suggests that he does things ‘differently’ and that might be one of the reasons why some people view him and his work as effective. Fergus tells me how he has travelled the globe on a personal and professional development quest, visiting numerous targeted professional sports clubs, teams, coaches and practitioners to better understand different approaches to providing support to elite level athletes. In the years that have passed, Fergus has integrated these eclectic experiences into his own brand of supporting the athletes, coaches and teams that he works with.

Fergus goes on to describe sport as his passion and that he is constantly motivated within his role to ‘help’ the people that he comes into contact with. This notion of help shouldn’t be mistaken for a personal caring approach. Whilst this is indeed a central tenet to how he operates as a practitioner, one of the fundamental features of his work is to enhance performance. Winning is at the core of his business and he emphasises that firmly within our conversation.

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