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Review of BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar by Dr. Thomas Lam

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The very best part of our annual seminar continues to be the attendees that come from every corner of the earth.  In 2013 we had over 200 leaders in Sports Medicine and Performance Training attend including professionals from across North America, Germany, Finland, the UK and Ireland.  Over the next weeks we'll share many of the take home points from our attendees for all those that were not able to attend this year. If you created a summary of our event we'd love to hear from you and post your thoughts.


Our first thought is from Dr. Thomas Lam - ENJOY.


Art Horne and his colleges put on another amazing BSMPG conference held at Northeastern. If you haven’t been to a BSMPG conference you’re missing out on one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to. I’ve been going for the past three years and each year gets better. Perhaps the most unique element of the event are the socials, where at a local pub / restaurant you get to connect with the rock stars of the industry. This year was extra special because 6 members of the FITS team made it Boston – Cory Kennedy, Lori Silver, Dr. Paul Oh, Dr. Vijay Gopal, Adriana Berla, and our newest member Lisa Menezes.

With each BSMPG new connections are made. I absolutely love BSMPG conference. I’ll be there next year for sure!! This year I’m going to share my notes, I’ll release them one at time, only so I can have a chance to reflect and to clean up my notes. I learned so much and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share and learn. You can expect reviews on:

Stuart McGill: Why Everyone Needs Core Training: Implications for Performance and Injury Prevention

Marvin Chun: Vision Training and Athletic Performance

Adriaan Louw: A Neuroscience Approach to Low Back Pain in Athletes

Marco Cardinale: Strength and Conditioning in the Real World: From Science to Application (I’ll make a summary of all that I learned from Macro from our candid conversations in addition to the formal presentations)

Fergus Connolly: The Art of Applied Sports Science for Competitive Advantages: 7 Principles

Randall Huntington: Developing Power (I found chatting with him outside his presentation to be an unbelievable experience. He’s an unbelievable resource)

Kevin Neeld: Structural and Functional Adaptations Affecting the Hockey Athlete.

There are other presentations that I wasn’t able to attend. Where possible we’ll share notes from our team – notably Mark Lindsay and Bill Knowles.


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