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Fascial Distortion Model Seminar - Aug 21-23, 2015 BOSTON


People Solving People Problems

Developing Your Growth Mindset at the CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting

Leaders as Decision Architects

Five More Reasons to Attend BSMPG Summer Seminar - May 15-16

Top Ten Reasons To Attend BSMPG - May 15-16, 2015

Mind Over Matter: The Psychology of Rehabilitation

Soft Tissue Skills that Pay the Bills

Boston Welcomes back Soft Tissue Ninja Andreo Spina

Only 6 weeks left - BSMPG Summer Seminar - Featuring Dr. Stress

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Dr. Marc Bubbs

Developing GRIT at the 2015 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Matt Jordan

Developing Your Growth Mindset at BSMPG

Learning To Lead

Electrostimulation Recovery-Related Strategies

Boston Welcomes Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists

Optimising Recovery in Sport: Psychological Considerations

Post-exercise recovery

Boston, Basketball, and BSMPG

Recovery Techniques for Athletes

BSMPG 2015 - Agenda Announced!

The Center of Hockey is Boston and BSMPG

February means BSMPG registration and hotel booking

Data-led team building: increasing the odds of success

BSMPG Hosts Andreo Spina and FAP/FR Course - May 2015

A Feeling of Control

2015 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting - Welcomes Rob Panariello : Bridging the Medical-Performance Gap

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Andy O'Brien

2015 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting - Welcomes Back Derek Hansen

2015 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting - WINNING

2015 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting - Welcomes Steve Tashjian - Player Monitoring for Peak Performance

Registration is now OPEN!

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Jay DeMayo

The 2015 Catapult Performance Directors Meeting - Fenway Park

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes The Canadian Basketball Performance Team

BSMPG Summer Seminar - Save The Date

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Al Smith

Jurassic Ballpark- Monitoring in the Modern NBA

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Sam Coad

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Mike Davis

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Allen Gruver

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Back Eric Oetter

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes James Anderson

Biochemical Adaptations in Sport: Dr. Mehis Viru Interview

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Vincent Walsh

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Dr. Robert Sapolsky

West Coast meets East Coast - Flowing

BSMPG 2015 - Save The Date

Evidence based medicine: a movement in crisis?

The Next Big Thing In Sports Data - Predicting Injury

Fueling NBA Athletes: Is It Time for Evidence-Based Nutrition?

An Interview with Jose Fernandez - BSMPG Speaker 2012

The Cost of Doing Business

More Stress...

Managing Stress in Basketball

Stress is Stress

BSMPG 2014 Highlights - Patrick Ward

What the Leaders are Reading - Neil Rampe

Should Strength and Conditioning Professionals Attempt to Incorporate “Everything” into Their Training Program Design?

What the Leaders are Reading - Inigo Mujika & Gerry Ramogida

Applying the “High-Low” Training Concept to American Football by Derek Hansen

What the Leaders are Reading - Coach Boo Schexnayder

What the Leaders are Reading - Brandon Bovee

What the Leaders are Reading - Eric Oetter

Thank you BSMPG Attendees

Charlie Weingroff is BACK - DVD on sale until end of May

Choose the RED Pill and Join Us at BSMPG 2014

Interview with 2014 BSMPG Keynote Speaker - Inigo Mujika

Either Way, Registration Ends Monday

Dr. John Sullivan Joins The Leaders In Sports Medicine and Performance

BSMPG 2014 Just Got Better... Again!

Boston Hosts Largest Functional Range Release Course To Date

Sample - How To Post

The 2014 Catapult Performance Directors Meeting

Off-Season Training in Professional Sports: The Challenge of New Collective Bargaining Agreements

Only Four More Weeks - BSMPG is about to Sell Out Again!

Got Ankle ROM?

BSMPG is Boston Strong

Dave Tenney and BSMPG : Learn More About MLS's Top Performance Coach

Your Fascia Work Deserves The Best Fascia Tool

Dr. Philip Skiba Joins Catapult Performance Directors Meeting - May 18

Intrinsic Foot Strengthening

Autoregulation – An Alternate Approach to Periodization

Eight Athlete Development Lessons I Learned from Charlie Francis

Breathing: Some People Just Talk About It, Others Actually Implement It

Five Reasons Why the Role of the Pro Sports Strength Coach is Changing

Canada's Top Speed Consultant Joins 2014 BSMPG Summer Seminar Set

Who Are Your Goals For?

Objective Measures in Rehabilitation: Enter TMG - Part II

Notes from Dr. Spina on Tissue Tension and Manual Contact

BSMPG Summer Seminar 2014 - Six Things You NEED To Know

Matt Herring Joins 2014 BSMPG Summer Seminar Speaker Set

Brandon Bovee Joins 2014 BSMPG Summer Seminar Speaker Set

Objective Measures in Rehabilitation: Enter TMG

An Interview with Dave Tenney: BSMPG 2014 Catapult Performance Director Meeting

The Face of Player Monitoring Joins Performance Directors Meeting

The Performance Team

Notes from Jeff Cubos - Functional Range Release - SPINE course

PRE-BSMPG Event Announced: FAT-Tool Training - May 15th

This is your Brain, This is your Brain on RECOVERY

Why Do I Have This Pain?

Iñigo Mujika: How Hard Can/Should You Actually Train?

Superbowl Champion and 2014 BSMPG Speaker

Assessing Movement: Conference Review by Patrick Ward

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Congrats Dr. Gerry Ramogida - Performance Therapy Leader

Thinking Fast and Slow - Thoughts for Friday

Antifragile Algorithms

Registration for the 2014 BSMPG Summer Seminar opens Jan. 1st

Functional Anatomy Seminars and BSMPG

Evidence Based Norms - Developing your own Screening System

Blood Analysis in the NBA

Evidence in Motion - Peak Activity

Evidence in Motion - Optimized Sequence

Ben Prentiss joins 2014 BSMPG Summer Seminar Speaker List

Evidence in Motion - Coordination Scoring with the Functional Movement Screen

Evidence in Motion - Creating a Symmetry Threshold

Long and Triple Jump Training - An Interview with Boo Schexnayder

BSMPG Summer Seminar: Where Leaders Learn

Evidence in Motion - 5 Principles in Surface Electromyography and Sport

BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar Highlights - Joel Jamieson

Save the Date - BSMPG 2014

Stress: It's Not What You Think

Gerry Ramogida Joins 2014 BSMPG Speaker Set

The Future is Here - BSMPG Summer Seminar 2014

Your Anatomy Teacher Was Wrong - Again!

Dr. Scappaticci Joins Boo as Keynotes at BSMPG 2014

Boo Knows BSMPG

BSMPG 2014 Summer Seminar - Patrick Ward Added To Speaker List

BSMPG Future Course Offerings

BSMPG 2014 Summer Seminar - Neil Rampe - Arizona Diamondbacks

Your Body is NOT a Machine, and I am NOT a Mechanic

Save The Date - BSMPG 2014

Back to School - Back to the Basics

Quick Thoughts on Barefoot Training by Charlie Weingroff

Charlie Weingroff's "Training = Rehab II" to be filmed in Boston!

Bill Knowles - BSMPG Summer Seminar Highlights

Marco Cardinale - BSMPG Summer Seminar Highlights

When Good Isn't Good Enough

Is it a Placebo if it Works?

Val Nasedkin - 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar Highlights

Mark Lindsay - BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar Highlights

Should Symmetry Be Your End Goal?

Foot Musculature and the Pelvic Rotator Cuff

Double Blind Parachute Tests

Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions

Breathing and the Diaphragm by Chaitow

Marvin Chun - BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar Highlights

The Future of Sports Science in America

Adriaan Louw - BSMPG Summer Seminar Highlights

Are you doing what you think you are doing?

Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training comes to Boston

Review of BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar by Dr. Thomas Lam

Every Little Thing is Marketing

How Good Is Your Product?

Thank you BSMPG Attendees

The Leader in Video Analysis

When You Need To Develop POWER

More Great Networking at BSMPG

Advanced Technology at BSMPG

Take a Deep Breath - We are only ONE WEEK AWAY!

DNS "B" Course Boston - SUCCESS!

Only Days Away And We Keep Getting Better

Start with WHY

Elite Pre-Conference Workshop Announcement - BSMPG 2013

Plantar Fascia Rupture

What Businesses Can Learn From The Use Of Analytics In Sports

Head of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Medical Department Joins BSMPG

The Best Basketball Strength Coaches and Sports Medicine Professionals Attend BSMPG

BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar - Early Bird Price Extended!

BSMPG teams up with Postwire

Are Your Feet Ready? The Boston Marathon Is Back

BSMPG Wants To Give You Free Stuff!!

Innovators Welcome

10 Keys To Keeping An Athlete Healthy

Two More Weeks for Early Bird Pricing - 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar

BSMPG Just Got Better : Stu McGill Workshop Added

DNS Course B - Early Bird Discount Extended

Reflections of a PT: Year one out in the real world.

Setting Up Big Pulls: Lessons from Stu McGill

Lateral Foot and Ankle Pain? Check the Cuboid

Mark Lindsay and Achilles Tendinopathy : More than just Eccentrics!

Mark Lindsay joins BSMPG for 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Food Rules - Easy Lessons About Food

Pain and/in the Brain

DNS Course B - Boston: Limited Seats Remain

Readings for 2013 - Fascial Manipulation by Stecco

Why Butler Basketball Holds The Key To Organizational Success

The World Leader in Athlete Monitoring is HERE!

Readings for 2013 - Evan Osar

Standing Room Only - Joel Jamieson Returns for 2013 BSMPG Seminar

Jumping High: External Focus More Important than Strength?

Why NC State Basketball Beat Number One Duke - Superior Strength

DNS Course Listings - DNS A and DNS B courses offered in New England

Type of Feedback Matter - Internal vs. External Foci

Level Change: The Secret to a Long Life and Athletic Success

Happy New Year from the BSMPG Family

BSMPG Leaders - Past and Present

The Plantar Fascia - Look Beyond The Point of Pain

BSMPG Attendee Social - All Aboard!!!

DNS Course B - Boston: Seats Filling Fast

Priming Performance: Developing Competitors, Coaches, and Sports Communities

One of the best in College Basketball - BSMPG Summer Seminar

The Future of Hockey Is Here

Thoughts from the Head of British Olympic Sport

Thoughts from Charlie Weingroff - BSMPG Summer Seminar Preview

Your Anatomy Teacher Was Wrong - Again!

Solving the Mystery of the Pelvic Rotator Cuff - A MUST READ

The Top Sports Franchises In The World Rely On Him

Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training

Biological Principles and Practical Applications by the Leader of British Olympic Sport

Coach Like A Marine

The Man That Wants To Kill Crunches

Moneyball and BSMPG Summer Seminar - This is one Lecture you DON'T want to miss!

Athlete Monitoring : A Proactive Approach

Hockey Athletic Development - Can't Miss Speaker

The Grind

BSMPG and Ben Peterson - Repeated Sprint Work and Fatigue

Attention DNS Journeymen!

Visiting Boston - Your guide to Staying in Boston for BSMPG 2013

If you want to be the Best, then join the Best

Your Anatomy Teacher was WRONG!

Our Core Culture

BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar Highlights - Craig Liebenson

Painful Education for Physical Therapists

Predicting Performance and Injury Resilience in Collegiate Basketball Athletes : Part III

Sports Fusion Track takes shape with the addition of Ben Prentiss

Legendary Track Coach Randall Huntington Joins BSMPG for 2013 Summer Seminar

Predicting Performance and Injury Resilience in Collegiate Basketball Athletes : Part II

Adriaan Louw - Course Description - 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar

BSMPG Summer Seminar Highlights - Chris Powers

Bill Knowles returns to BSMPG Summer Seminar Speaker list in 2013

Dr. Alex Vasquez joins 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar Sports Medicine Speaker Set

BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar Highlights - Irving "Boo" Schexnayder

World Pain Expert, Adriaan Louw Joins BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar Keynote Speaker Set

BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar Highlights - Bill Knowles

Fergus Connolly joins Dr. Stuart McGill and Marco Cardinale as Keynote Speakers at 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Predicting Performance and Injury Resilience in Collegiate Basketball Athletes

Dr. Marvin Chun to open the 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Dr. Rob Butler Leads BSMPG Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Track for 2013 Seminar

BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar Highlights - Andrea Hudy and Keith D'Amelio

DNS Course "B" Details Announced - April 27-30, 2013 Boston

BSMPG Is Proud To Announce Dr. Marco Cardinale As Keynote Speaker At 2013 Summer Seminar

BSMPG Is Proud To Announce Dr. Stuart McGill As Keynote Speaker At 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Chicken or the Egg by Mike Davis

BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar Highlights - Joel Jamieson

BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar Highlights - Jose Fernandez

Pain : It's In The Brain

Highlights from the 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Five Hidden Signs of Instability by Perry Nickelston, DC, SFMA

Review of BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar by Jason Lightfoot

BSMPG Summer Seminar Photo Gallary - 2012

BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar Review by Bangen Athletic Development

Review of 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar by Jeff Cubos

BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar a HUGE SUCCESS

Beyond Moneyball - Sports Medicine & Performance

Video from MIT Sloan Sport Analytics and Inside Tracker

Interview with Victor Bergonzoli, CEO of Dartfish

Join OptoSource at BSMPG Summer Seminar

Leopards or Turtles? by Jose Fernandez

BSMPG & Bruce Williams : Hit The Ground Running - Video and Interview

Training Programs Made Easy - Cal Dietz and XL Athlete

BSMPG wants to invite YOU!!

Craig Liebenson Talks Thoracic Hypomobility

See Tomorrow's Training Technology Today

Up the Chain It Goes... (Part II)


Q: Who Do The Top Athletes From Around The World Trust After Surgery?

Interview with Coach Schexnayder : 2012 BSMPG Seminar Keynote Speaker

Up the Chain it Goes...

Meet Chris Powers - 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar Keynote Speaker

Monitoring Power Development : A Look at New Technology

Foam Rolling and Contractile Muscle Properties by Jose Fernandez

Q: What Has 9 NCAA Ice Hockey Championship Rings and Will Be In Boston May 19th and 20th?

University of Kansas Strength Coach - Andrea Hudy Speaks at 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar

2012 BSMPG Seminar Speaker, Jose Fernandez talks advanced player monitoring

BSMPG Summer Seminar, May 19-20 - Early Bird Extended!

Heel Strikes, Sudden Impacts and Running Injuries

Good Luck Runners! - 2012 Boston Marathon

Christopher McDougall talks Running Barefoot and if we were BORN TO RUN

Barefoot Invades Boston!

Interval Training vs. Aerobic Base? - The Answer May Surprise You

Postural Function of the Diaphragm and Low Back Pain by Pavel Kolar et al.

Jeff Cubos Talks Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization : Filling the Gaps

Craig Liebenson and Clare Frank Talk Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Kansas' Secret Weapon - Andrea Hudy Comes to Boston

DNS Course in Boston a Huge Success!!

Craig Liebenson - Keynote Speaker at 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Interview with Mark Toomey and Dr. John DiMuro - 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar Presenters

Congrats to the Kansas Jayhawks and Andrea Hudy

Readings from last week

Triphasic Training: A Systematic Approach to Elite Speed and Explosive Strength

Reading From Last Week

Exercises for the Landmine by SB Coaches College

Plantar Sided Foot Pain, Going Barefoot and Simple Exercises by Jeff Cubos

Presentations from Sports Injury Prevention Seminar in Monaco 2011

John Berardi Talks Sports Nutrition

BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar Agenda Finalized!

Advanced Athlete Monitoring For Injury Reduction at the 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Gray Cook Talks Barefoot

Obesity on the Rise in America by Daniel Lieberman

Are We Recession Proof?

Top Reads from Last Week - BSMPG

The Path to Excellence - A Comprehensive View of Development of U.S. Olympians

The Wait is Over - Triphasic Training is HERE!

The Importance Of Seeing The Big Picture

DNS Course "A" in Boston IS SOLD OUT

When Cal Dietz Talks - Listen!

Appreciating The Importance of Foot Strike in NBA Injuries

Did The NBA Lock-out Ultimately End Chauncey Billups' Career?

Register for the 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar and Win Prizes!

BSMPG is proud to announce Art Horne & Pete Viteritti as speakers at the 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Only 4 Seats Remain - DNS Course "A" in Boston March 30-April1st

Get them to say YES

BSMPG Welcomes Jose Fernendez from the UK to Boston for the 2012 Summer Seminar

The NBA should have learned from the NFL - Injuries on the Rise

BSMPG Announces Dan Boothby as Speaker at 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar

BSMPG is Proud to Announce the Return of Cal Dietz to Boston for 2012 Summer Seminar

BSMPG Announces Sean Skahan to speak in Boston at 2012 Summer Seminar

BSMPG Welcomes Peter Friesen to Boston for our annual Summer Seminar

BSMPG Welcomes Joel Jamieson to Boston for our Annual Summer Seminar

Pain. It's All In The Brain by Professor Lorimer Moseley

The Must Have Book for 2012 - Human Locomotion by Thomas Michaud

Barefoot in Boston reviews - What the Pro's are saying

BSMPG Welcomes Bruce Williams to Boston For 2012 Summer Seminar

Happy Holidays from the BSMPG Family

BSMPG Welcomes Andrea Hudy From the University of Kansas to Boston

BSMPG Welcomes Logan Schwartz to Boston For 2012 Summer Seminar

BSMPG Welcomes Alan Grodin to 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar

The Real Reason For Brains by Daniel Wolpert

BSMPG Welcomes Irving Schexnayder to Boston

Dr. Chris Powers joins BSMPG as a Keynote Speaker at 2012 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Less Than 3 Weeks Left to Christmas...Get BSMPG Stocking Stuffers Now!

Bill Knowles joins BSMPG as Keynote Speaker for 2012 Summer Seminar

We Do Not Have Body Parts. We Have Only A Body

Craig Liebensen joins BSMPG in Boston as Keynote Speaker

Everything & Anything

Gifts for the Sports Medicine and Strength Professional on your List!

Save The Date: BSMPG 2012 Summer Seminar

Limited Seats Available for DNS Course "A" - Boston 2012

Book Highlight: The Physiology of the Joints by Kapandji

Limited Dorsiflexion? Check the Talus

Ankle Sprain? Address the Hip!

Only 25 of the 30 Seats Remain - DNS Course A - Boston 2012

Ankle Dorsiflexion and Positional Faults

BSMPG Releases a Second DVD Set From This Summer's Seminar!

Highlights from the 2011 BSMPG Intensive Track - featuring Tom Myers

Highlights from Cal Dietz's 2011 BSMPG Summer Seminar Presentation

DNS Course - Boston - Meet the Instructors

Free Online Training for Health Care Professionals - Concussion Management

BSMPG Announces DNS Course in Boston March 30-April 1, 2012

Essential Reading Spotlight - Greenman's Principles of Manual Medicine

Interview with Mark Toomey from

Help Yourself.... So You Can Continue To Help Others

Review of Craig Liebenson's 3-DVD Set

Limited Anke Dorsiflexion? Find a Ninja

Integrated Care - Part VII: Mastering the Hip Hinge

Advocates For Injured Athletes

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants DVD's Available

SAVE THE DATE : March 30th - April 1st, 2012

Integrated Care - Part VI: Getting Everyone To Squat

Integrated Care - Part V: When NOT Touching Your Toes is NOT a Hamstring Problem

Sue Falsone - Head & Shoulders: We're Not Talking About Dandruff

BSMPG Summer Seminar DVD's Now Available!

Integrated Care - Part IV : Addressing & Correcting Hip Extension Problems

Upper Extremity Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation Seminar

Art Horne Interviews with Joe Heiler on

Integrated Care - Part III: Breaking Down Extension Based Problems

Sue Falsone and The Cervicothoracic Junction

Children's Hospital Boston Presents: Tackling Concussions Head On

Integrated Care - Assessment and Intervention

Clare Frank Announces Educational Programs For 2012

Self Directed Effort Is The Best Kind by Seth Godin

Integrated Care - Part I: The Language Barrier

The Emperor Has New Clothes by Craig Liebenson

What The Giants Are Reading - Jim Snider

Barefoot in Boston now available on - Get your copy now!

Biorheology : A Missing Link

Barefoot In Boston now available on Kindle

Weeding The Garden

When Reading Is NOT Good

Sorry, Store Policy

Just Enough...

Action Steps

Squatting - An Expression of Health

What the Giants are Reading - Norman Murphy

Perception Is Reality

What the GIANTS are Reading - Brijesh Patel

What the GIANTS are Reading - Shirley Sahrmann

If You're Going To Work... by Seth Godin

Happy Independence Day From BSMPG

Happy Canada Day

Battling Knee Pain Means Getting Your Butt In Gear - Literally

Enter Destructi-ville

The Hard Part by Seth Godin

What the GIANTS are Reading - Brian McCormick

Craig Liebenson Releases Three Must Have DVD's

Worry About What You CAN Control

Which Of The Four Are Getting The Way? by Seth Godin

What the Giants are reading - Pete Viteritti, DC

Agency by Seth Godin

Updated Presentation - George Mumford - BSMPG Summer Seminar

Congrats JJ Barea and the Dallas Mavericks

What the Giants are reading - Jonas Sahratian

Caring by Seth Godin

What the Giants are reading - Charlie Weingroff

Success at "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants" Seminar

Isometrics To Improve Strength And Speed Performance In Female Basketball Athletes

Bar Gymnastics by Seth Godin

A Sneak Peek Into Mark Toomey and Dr. John DiMuro's Presentation

BSMPG Salutes Our Troops

Looking For The Right Excuse by Seth Godin

Who Is Making You UnComfortable? by Seth Godiin

Moving Beyond Teachers And Bosses by Seth Godin

Easy and Certain by Seth Godin

Headroom by Seth Godin

The $20,000 Phone Call by Seth Godin

How To Fail by Seth Godin

BSMPG Partners With Stop Sports Injuries

The Agenda by Seth Godin

The Flip Side by Seth Godin

Turning The Habit Of Self-Criticism Upside Down by Seth Godin

Seats are Filling Fast - Early Bird Deadline Extended

The Problem With Problems

Success and Motivation by Mark Cuban - Part 5

Success and Motivation by Mark Cuban - Part 4

Success and Motivation by Mark Cuban - Part 3

A Slow News Day by Seth Godin

Success and Motivation by Mark Cuban - Part 2

Intensive Learning Track Almost Full!

Good Luck Runners!

Initiative Isn't Given, You Take It by Seth Godin

Register Before May 1st And Win!!

Succuss and Motivation by Mark Cuban

Joe Maher Added To Hockey Track at BSMPG Summer Conference

Accepting False Limits by Seth Godin

A Review Of The 2010 BSMPG Summer Conference

Andrew Bynum's Breakthrough

"How Much Can I Get Away With?" by Seth Godin

Advice From Bill Gates

So Your Season Is Over. Now What?

Are You Making Something by Seth Godin

A True Hero

Set Your Mental Channel

Congrats UW Badgers - 2011 Women's Ice Hockey National Champions

Are You Doing A Good Job? by Seth Godin

Bracket Busted

I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now When I Was Younger

Can We Make It A Two-Way Street?

Learn and Earn

The Explosion Of Fascia Research by Leon Chaitow

Rehab and Rewards

SFMA and Anatomy Trains by Patrick Ward


Good Decisions - Bad Intel

But They're My Friends...

To Do Better...

George Mumford and the LA Lakers

Do The Opposite - Part III

Do The Opposite - Part II

Do The Opposite

If you're not fired up with enthusiasm...

Texting While Working by Seth Godin

Ignorance Is Bliss

Mark Toomey and Dr. Di Muro finalize Sports Med/Rehabilitation Track

Off-Season Workouts Need Changes Before The Next Funeral by Dennis Dodd

Three Ways To Help People Get Things Done by Seth Godin

BSMPG Announces Finalized Hockey Speaker Set For June 3/4 Conference

Focus On The Fundamentals Pays Off

Inner City Weightlifting by Sarah Cahill

Load vs Mechanics

Your Engine Light Is On

Listen and Silent

Doing What You're Told

Present and Accounted For

Consult A Physician

If You Don't Know Where You're Going, Any Road Will Take You There

Mobility and Stability - Things Aren't Always As They Appear

Work And Opportunity

I'm Going To Start Right Now

Happy New Year from BSMPG

The Best Blogs Of 2010

Measuring busy-ness by Seth Godin

One Week Remaining - DVD's At Discounted Rate

Happy Holidays From BSMPG!

"I" is tough to swallow

That's Above My Pay Grade

Charlie Weingroff releases DVD

The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze

Setting Expectations

The Car(e) Mechanic

The Wild Turkey and You

ACL Grafts and Eggs

Boston Promise Fundraiser A Huge Success!

BSMPG Is Pround To Announce Pete Viteritti To Speak In Boston June 3/4 2011

Holiday Sale - Basketball and Hockey DVD's Discounted until December 31st

How Are You Feeling Today?

Watcha Gonna Do With That Duck by Seth Godin

Omelets and Rehab

BSMPG Gives Thanks

Solving Interesting Problems

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Congrats to Tim Beltz and the Men's Basketball Team from University of Pittsburgh

BSMPG is proud to announce Clare Frank to present in Boston June 3/4, 2011

Laziness by Seth Godin

Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels

Mobility For the Rower - The Latissimus Dorsi

Hedgehog Concept - Meets Sports Performance

Cookies and Customer Service

False Hustle

If You Listen Just Long Enough...

Are You Worth Your Salary?

Coach As Teacher And Motivator

BSMPG and Boston Promise

This Is You, Outside The Box

BSMPG Announces Ray Eady To Speak At Basketball Specific Conference

Water Please

Why Athletes Should Avoid The Bars by Steve Myrland

BSMPG Announces Jonas Sahratian to Speak at 2011 Basketball Specific Conference

Baseball Pitching Health and Performance Seminar - December 5, 2010

BSMPG Announces Brian McCormick To Speak At 2011 Basketball Specific Conference

Now or Later

Are We There Yet?

Permission To Act

The Future Of Sports Medicine Must Mirror Dentistry

BSMPG announces Brandon Ziegler to speak at 2011 Basketball Conference

Are You Qualified? Preparing Your Athletes For Rotational Training

For Hire

Caught In The Middle

The Puke Bucket

A Week with Riley - Complacency

A Week with Riley - Relating to Players

A Week with Riley - Discipline

A Week with Riley - Teamwork

A Week with Pat Riley - Leadership

Would your athlete's choose you?

It's never too early to panic

It's About Time

Join my community

Leaders and Managers

Join my network

Real time feedback

The exit opportunity

Hello my name is:

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Excuse me. That's my daughter you're caring for

My boss won't let me

How well do you know your athletes?

But it's not perfect...

Every year is a contract year

Track and Swimming: the only honest sports left

Learning by immersion

Encourage the heart

Waiting for inspiration?

Who can make a difference?

Standing on the shoulders of giants

What motivates you?

I want your money, but I don't want your 2 cents

Mental toughness training meet your good friend Rhabdo

What's your definition of evidence based medicine?

Are you filling the right gaps?

I'm not a businessman, I'm a BUSINESS, man

When the gym is closed, the gym is closed

More facts please

Running with scissors

Your Ownership Stake Equals 100%

Investing is tough

In Any Asset, Appreciation is Key

I didn't want to step on anyone's toes

Beer Sundaes

If you're 5 minutes early, you're 10 minutes late

Barbershop talk

Do your action steps match your goals?

You've already been interviewed

Peanut Butter or Fluff?

What else is keeping you from shipping?

Who's the Boss?

There's nothing ordinary about you

A cup of joe

The free market doesn't exist in college athletics

Friendly's Announces One Million Calorie Meal Deal

You're going to need those Bridges someday, so put down the Matches

What sport will I be covering?

What's keeping you from Shipping?

Apple, GE, Southwest Airlines, and You?


Work for the Job you Want

Risk Factors and When to Refer

But that's the way I was taught

Beware of the Consultant

That's just not my philosophy

Elevate or Fire: Managing Employees

Video Release: Second Annual Boston Hockey Summit and Basketball Symposium

Sorry. No Guns in the Magic Kingdom

An Alien Visits Your Athletic Training Room

Al Vermeil on Speed

Sick? No Soup for You!

Review of The 2nd Annual Boston Hockey Summit and Basketball Symposium at Northeastern University

A Legend Passes

Who’s fault is it?

The Zen Master Speaks Again

Understanding Research Basics = Great Coaching Practice

Deus ex machina

Fatigue is just an untapped reserve tank

Interview with Ray Eady, University of Wisconsin

Movement Prep: Making the Most of It

What do you make?

To Fail or Not to Fail? – That is the Question

A Bigger Box

Give Up Control: Build a Great Athlete

Female Basketball Players Need to Get Strong

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Interview with Keith D’Amelio, Stanford Men’s Basketball Strength Coach

Inspiratory Muscle Training

Seth Godin Squats a Thousand Pounds

Who Wins - Mental Toughness or Daily Discipline?

Watch highlights from last year's conference!

Must Reads That Have Nothing To Do With Strength

Seeing the world through the hole in a 45 pound plate

2009 Summit Reflections: Beyond Muscle The Strength Coach Influence

Welcome to BSMPG and our first blog article!