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Fascial Distortion Model Seminar - Aug 21-23, 2015 BOSTON


People Solving People Problems

Developing Your Growth Mindset at the CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting

Leaders as Decision Architects

Five More Reasons to Attend BSMPG Summer Seminar - May 15-16

Top Ten Reasons To Attend BSMPG - May 15-16, 2015

Mind Over Matter: The Psychology of Rehabilitation

Soft Tissue Skills that Pay the Bills

Boston Welcomes back Soft Tissue Ninja Andreo Spina

Only 6 weeks left - BSMPG Summer Seminar - Featuring Dr. Stress

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Dr. Marc Bubbs

Developing GRIT at the 2015 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Matt Jordan

Developing Your Growth Mindset at BSMPG

Learning To Lead

Electrostimulation Recovery-Related Strategies

Boston Welcomes Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists

Optimising Recovery in Sport: Psychological Considerations

Post-exercise recovery

Boston, Basketball, and BSMPG

Recovery Techniques for Athletes

BSMPG 2015 - Agenda Announced!

The Center of Hockey is Boston and BSMPG

February means BSMPG registration and hotel booking

Data-led team building: increasing the odds of success

BSMPG Hosts Andreo Spina and FAP/FR Course - May 2015

A Feeling of Control

2015 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting - Welcomes Rob Panariello : Bridging the Medical-Performance Gap

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Andy O'Brien

2015 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting - Welcomes Back Derek Hansen

2015 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting - WINNING

2015 CATAPULT Performance Directors Meeting - Welcomes Steve Tashjian - Player Monitoring for Peak Performance

Registration is now OPEN!

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Jay DeMayo

The 2015 Catapult Performance Directors Meeting - Fenway Park

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes The Canadian Basketball Performance Team

BSMPG Summer Seminar - Save The Date

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Al Smith

Jurassic Ballpark- Monitoring in the Modern NBA

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Sam Coad

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Mike Davis

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Allen Gruver

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Back Eric Oetter

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes James Anderson

Biochemical Adaptations in Sport: Dr. Mehis Viru Interview

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Vincent Walsh

BSMPG 2015 - Welcomes Dr. Robert Sapolsky

West Coast meets East Coast - Flowing

BSMPG 2015 - Save The Date

Evidence based medicine: a movement in crisis?

The Next Big Thing In Sports Data - Predicting Injury

Fueling NBA Athletes: Is It Time for Evidence-Based Nutrition?

An Interview with Jose Fernandez - BSMPG Speaker 2012

The Cost of Doing Business

More Stress...

Managing Stress in Basketball

Stress is Stress

BSMPG 2014 Highlights - Patrick Ward

What the Leaders are Reading - Neil Rampe

Should Strength and Conditioning Professionals Attempt to Incorporate “Everything” into Their Training Program Design?

What the Leaders are Reading - Inigo Mujika & Gerry Ramogida

Applying the “High-Low” Training Concept to American Football by Derek Hansen

What the Leaders are Reading - Coach Boo Schexnayder

What the Leaders are Reading - Brandon Bovee

What the Leaders are Reading - Eric Oetter

Thank you BSMPG Attendees

Charlie Weingroff is BACK - DVD on sale until end of May

Choose the RED Pill and Join Us at BSMPG 2014

Interview with 2014 BSMPG Keynote Speaker - Inigo Mujika

Either Way, Registration Ends Monday

Dr. John Sullivan Joins The Leaders In Sports Medicine and Performance

BSMPG 2014 Just Got Better... Again!

Boston Hosts Largest Functional Range Release Course To Date

Sample - How To Post

The 2014 Catapult Performance Directors Meeting

Off-Season Training in Professional Sports: The Challenge of New Collective Bargaining Agreements

Only Four More Weeks - BSMPG is about to Sell Out Again!

Got Ankle ROM?

BSMPG is Boston Strong

Dave Tenney and BSMPG : Learn More About MLS's Top Performance Coach

Your Fascia Work Deserves The Best Fascia Tool

Dr. Philip Skiba Joins Catapult Performance Directors Meeting - May 18

Intrinsic Foot Strengthening

Autoregulation – An Alternate Approach to Periodization

Eight Athlete Development Lessons I Learned from Charlie Francis

Breathing: Some People Just Talk About It, Others Actually Implement It

Five Reasons Why the Role of the Pro Sports Strength Coach is Changing

Canada's Top Speed Consultant Joins 2014 BSMPG Summer Seminar Set

Who Are Your Goals For?

Objective Measures in Rehabilitation: Enter TMG - Part II

Notes from Dr. Spina on Tissue Tension and Manual Contact

BSMPG Summer Seminar 2014 - Six Things You NEED To Know

Matt Herring Joins 2014 BSMPG Summer Seminar Speaker Set

Brandon Bovee Joins 2014 BSMPG Summer Seminar Speaker Set

Objective Measures in Rehabilitation: Enter TMG

An Interview with Dave Tenney: BSMPG 2014 Catapult Performance Director Meeting

The Face of Player Monitoring Joins Performance Directors Meeting

The Performance Team

Notes from Jeff Cubos - Functional Range Release - SPINE course

PRE-BSMPG Event Announced: FAT-Tool Training - May 15th

This is your Brain, This is your Brain on RECOVERY

Why Do I Have This Pain?

Iñigo Mujika: How Hard Can/Should You Actually Train?

Superbowl Champion and 2014 BSMPG Speaker

Assessing Movement: Conference Review by Patrick Ward

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Congrats Dr. Gerry Ramogida - Performance Therapy Leader

Thinking Fast and Slow - Thoughts for Friday

Antifragile Algorithms

Registration for the 2014 BSMPG Summer Seminar opens Jan. 1st

Functional Anatomy Seminars and BSMPG

Evidence Based Norms - Developing your own Screening System

Blood Analysis in the NBA

Evidence in Motion - Peak Activity

Evidence in Motion - Optimized Sequence

Ben Prentiss joins 2014 BSMPG Summer Seminar Speaker List

Evidence in Motion - Coordination Scoring with the Functional Movement Screen

Evidence in Motion - Creating a Symmetry Threshold

Long and Triple Jump Training - An Interview with Boo Schexnayder

BSMPG Summer Seminar: Where Leaders Learn

Evidence in Motion - 5 Principles in Surface Electromyography and Sport

BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar Highlights - Joel Jamieson

Save the Date - BSMPG 2014

Stress: It's Not What You Think

Gerry Ramogida Joins 2014 BSMPG Speaker Set

The Future is Here - BSMPG Summer Seminar 2014

Your Anatomy Teacher Was Wrong - Again!

Dr. Scappaticci Joins Boo as Keynotes at BSMPG 2014

Boo Knows BSMPG

BSMPG 2014 Summer Seminar - Patrick Ward Added To Speaker List

BSMPG Future Course Offerings

BSMPG 2014 Summer Seminar - Neil Rampe - Arizona Diamondbacks

Your Body is NOT a Machine, and I am NOT a Mechanic

Save The Date - BSMPG 2014

Back to School - Back to the Basics

Quick Thoughts on Barefoot Training by Charlie Weingroff

Charlie Weingroff's "Training = Rehab II" to be filmed in Boston!

Bill Knowles - BSMPG Summer Seminar Highlights

Marco Cardinale - BSMPG Summer Seminar Highlights

When Good Isn't Good Enough

Is it a Placebo if it Works?

Val Nasedkin - 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar Highlights

Mark Lindsay - BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar Highlights

Should Symmetry Be Your End Goal?

Foot Musculature and the Pelvic Rotator Cuff

Double Blind Parachute Tests

Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions

Breathing and the Diaphragm by Chaitow

Marvin Chun - BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar Highlights

The Future of Sports Science in America

Adriaan Louw - BSMPG Summer Seminar Highlights

Are you doing what you think you are doing?

Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training comes to Boston

Review of BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar by Dr. Thomas Lam

Every Little Thing is Marketing

How Good Is Your Product?

Thank you BSMPG Attendees

The Leader in Video Analysis

When You Need To Develop POWER

More Great Networking at BSMPG

Advanced Technology at BSMPG

Take a Deep Breath - We are only ONE WEEK AWAY!

DNS "B" Course Boston - SUCCESS!

Only Days Away And We Keep Getting Better

Start with WHY

Elite Pre-Conference Workshop Announcement - BSMPG 2013

Plantar Fascia Rupture

What Businesses Can Learn From The Use Of Analytics In Sports

Head of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Medical Department Joins BSMPG

The Best Basketball Strength Coaches and Sports Medicine Professionals Attend BSMPG

BSMPG 2013 Summer Seminar - Early Bird Price Extended!

BSMPG teams up with Postwire

Are Your Feet Ready? The Boston Marathon Is Back

BSMPG Wants To Give You Free Stuff!!

Innovators Welcome

10 Keys To Keeping An Athlete Healthy

Two More Weeks for Early Bird Pricing - 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar

BSMPG Just Got Better : Stu McGill Workshop Added

DNS Course B - Early Bird Discount Extended

Reflections of a PT: Year one out in the real world.

Setting Up Big Pulls: Lessons from Stu McGill

Lateral Foot and Ankle Pain? Check the Cuboid

Mark Lindsay and Achilles Tendinopathy : More than just Eccentrics!

Mark Lindsay joins BSMPG for 2013 BSMPG Summer Seminar

Food Rules - Easy Lessons About Food

Pain and/in the Brain

DNS Course B - Boston: Limited Seats Remain

Readings for 2013 - Fascial Manipulation by Stecco

Why Butler Basketball Holds The Key To Organizational Success

The World Leader in Athlete Monitoring is HERE!

Readings for 2013 - Evan Osar

Standing Room Only - Joel Jamieson Returns for 2013 BSMPG Seminar

Jumping High: External Focus More Important than Strength?

Why NC State Basketball Beat Number One Duke - Superior Strength

DNS Course Listings - DNS A and DNS B courses offered in New England

Type of Feedback Matter - Internal vs. External Foci

Level Change: The Secret to a Long Life and Athletic Success

Happy New Year from the BSMPG Family

BSMPG Leaders - Past and Present